Australian Management, Philippines Operations

With an Australian management team looking after your workers in the Philippines, you get the best of both worlds.

Outsourcing Leader

As the world’s number 1 outsourcing destination in the world, you can rest assured that your new Filipino staff members will understand exactly what is required of them.

Education & Experience

Every member of staff that we recruit has graduated from university, is fully experienced and undergoes a rigorous training programme with us.

English Speaking

The people of the Philippines have excellent English language skills, with fully 70% of the population considered as fluent. This makes communicating with your remote workers a breeze.

Low Cost

A lower cost of living translates to lower salaries so you can get the same quality of staff for less money when you offshore to the Philippines.

Time Zone

The fact that Manila is in the same time zone as Perth removes a lot of the difficulties normally associated with offshoring and remote workers.

Service Orientated

Our Filipino workers display a genuine desire to please, and work very hard to ensure that customers are happy.

Local Management

You deal with local, Australian managers, so working with us is a positive pleasure.

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