A woman working from the philippinesThere are many business processes, generally core business processes, that companies should always keep in-house rather than outsource to an offshore virtual office assistant. However, many business processes can effectively be managed by offshore professionals in countries like the Philippines at a fraction of what it would cost to have the same processes managed locally.

If your company needs assistance with a wide range of business processes in the fields of IT, HR, finance, accounting and many more, get in contact with BPO Virtual Assistant today to learn more about the many benefits offshore business process outsourcing provides. Here are some of the many areas from which business processes are easily outsourced.

Web Design

Talented local web designers charge premium rates for their professional services which has made the prospect of outsourcing web design processes to a Philippines virtual assistant with extensive web design experience and qualifications appealing to many Australian companies. With the ability to effortlessly communicate with offshore workers in real time via secure channels, outsourcing web design processes to an offshore professional is now a viable option.

  • Web design processes are easily outsourced to creative offshore professionals
  • Demand has risen, resulting in more university students studying web design
  • Filipino web design professionals produce work equal to that of local professionals

Web design is one of many IT services, including data entry and computer programming, that is frequently outsourced to offshore virtual assistants by Australia-based companies.

Customer Support

India was once the number one destination for customer support process outsourcing but it’s the Philippines that’s now the top destination for such outsourced business processes. In fact, it’s the overall number one destination for business process outsourcing because of the high English fluency rates among the Filipino population which currently stands at 70 percent.

  • Human resources, training and office space are much more cost-effective offshore
  • English language fluency and customer-centric staff deliver top customer experiences
  • Local customer satisfaction rates are now much higher than they used to be

As there is now no more trade-off between price and quality, outsourcing customer support processes to offshore professionals in the Philippines is an excellent means of delivering superb customer experiences at a significantly lower expense.


Core business decisions and processes are still kept in-house, but a broad range of finance processes are now regularly outsourced to offshore virtual assistants and finance professionals.

As discussed with regard to web design, demand for access to professional resources with finance qualifications and experience has risen, making it an appealing field for students to study at university. This has increased the numbers of finance professionals that companies in Australia are able to access when they outsource their finance processes through BPO.

With secure communication channels to safeguard sensitive information and access to an ever-expanding pool of professionals with English fluency, qualifications and experience in a broad range of professional fields, there has never been a better time to start outsourcing to the Philippines. To learn more about the areas of expertise that our pre-qualified candidates possess and the business processes your company can outsource, get in touch with BPO today.