Manila skyline, manila is a modern cityAny business that isn’t currently outsourcing at least one of its business processes to skilled professionals based in countries like the Philippines is missing out on a fantastic opportunity.

Every business will benefit from outsourcing in some form or fashion, whether that’s accessing more cost-effective professional resources, taking advantage of time zone differences to get work done after hours, or mitigating risk, one of the primary reasons why companies outsource.

As a Perth-based business with many years’ experience outsourcing to the Philippines, BPO is perfectly positioned to assist your business in outsourcing to the world’s leading outsourcing destination. Whether you’re in need of accounting, finance, HR or IT professionals, your company will benefit from having a virtual assistant from the Philippines. Here are some of the many benefits that you could be enjoying right now by outsourcing your business processes.

Cost Savings – Reducing labour expenditure is the first thing that management generally thinks about when the subject of outsourcing to an offshore virtual assistant is brought up. However, all companies also stand to enjoy significant cost savings on infrastructure and technology.

  • Infrastructure and technology have high acquisition and replacement costs
  • These costs are taken on by the offshore company, saving the client money

Moreover, the outsourcing partner is also responsible for covering the costs of powering the infrastructure and technology by paying energy bills and covering maintenance and other costs.

Time Zone Advantages – Companies can schedule tasks to exploit time zone differences between their location and the country to which they outsource business processes to a virtual personal assistant. Tasks sent to offshore workers can be completed when the client company’s working day is done, increasing business efficiency and output in ways previously unimagined.

Strengthen Core Business Processes – Outsourcing to offshore professionals allows companies to strengthen their core business processes by focusing their professional resources on core tasks. When support processes are outsourced to virtual assistants in the Philippines, core workers can focus on the core processes of the business which has the effect of delivering the most capable human resources to areas requiring the most specialised professional attention.

Risk Mitigation – This is a primary reason for outsourcing to offshore professionals. When business processes are outsourced to an offshore services provider, the client company benefits because the provider is now responsible for the quality of the processes performed. Moreover, these providers specialise in certain areas and, therefore, are generally better at risk mitigation.

Professional Expertise – A misconception many business professionals have about offshore outsourcing is that offshore workers are paid less because their services are less valuable. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Offshore professionals in countries like the Philippines earn less because their cost of living is lower. In fact, when companies outsource offshore, they’re getting the same professional expertise at a fraction of what it would cost to access locally.

Whatever business processes in the fields of accounting, finance, HR and IT you’re considering outsourcing offshore, BPO Virtual Assistant can help. Contact us today to learn more about the advantages of outsourcing your business processes to virtual assistants in the Philippines.