Virtual assistants are highly skilled business administration all-rounders who provide a broad range of essential services to businesses, usually SMEs, and sole traders, like home-based professionals. Whatever the size of your business and the sector you operate in, a virtual assistant can manage a variety of essential business tasks and processes on your behalf, empowering you and your staff to focus on your core responsibilities and deliver better, more cost-effective services to your clients.

VAs can handle nearly any administrative task or project on behalf of their clients as they’re skilled professionals who have usually started their careers by working for various businesses before working as a freelancer or for an outsourcing agency like BPO Virtual Assistant. They may assist several clients simultaneously with their general administrative and related processes, or they may perform a variety of tasks exclusively for a single client, which offers a variety of notable advantages.

While administration all-rounders capable of managing a broad range of administrative processes for their clients, many virtual assistants specialise in one or more areas which lie outside of general business administration, for example, market research, website development and providing IT technical support. The day-to-day tasks that an outsourced VA may provide for their clients include:

  • Assisting with travel arrangements by booking airfares, accommodation and car rentals
  • Answering and returning emails, phone calls and social media messages
  • Managing general financial tasks such as accounting and payroll
  • Serving as an initial point of contact for clients and customers
  • Scheduling meetings and managing client schedules
  • Creating marketing materials and presentations
  • Managing social media accounts

To provide these essential services and many others to the professional standards that Australian business clients expect, virtual assistants must possess at least a bachelor’s degree and have hands-on experience working in an administrative or related role. Their bachelor’s degree could be in one of many areas, from business administration and management to marketing and IT development, moreover, many virtual assistants have undertaken additional training and study, further enabling them to provide specific services for clients in addition to general administrative and related duties.

Hiring a Virtual Assistant

Outsourcing to VAs is an excellent way to gain a competitive edge over competing businesses. And with digital and online technologies, such as VoIP and cloud storage, now readily available to all Australian businesses, outsourcing a wide range of administrative tasks and business processes to a Philippines-based virtual assistant is a game-changing option that all businesses are presented with. BPO Virtual Assistant can arrange a university-educated, English-speaking virtual assistant with strong skills and experience in the key operational areas that your business requires, whether that’s IT support, digital marketing or business administration.

Why Hire a Virtual Assistant?

Whether you’re an established small to medium-sized enterprise (SME) or a young start-up looking to establish itself among the bigger and better-known players in your sector, hiring a virtual assistant from the Philippines has many benefits to offer your business. The many advantages to hiring a BPO VA include:

  • Access Skilled Labour

Accessing the right skilled labour can be a time-consuming task that often comes at the expense of more pressing business processes. Hiring a virtual assistant from the Philippines through BPO Virtual Assistant puts an experienced administrative professional at the service of your business without the need to go through the laborious process of advertising, screening, interviewing and hiring candidates.  Enable your business and outsource administration and business tasks without any legal and management issues.

  • Increased Efficiency

Hiring an experienced virtual assistant from the Philippines can increase the efficiency and productivity of your business in a variety of ways, from enabling staff members to focus on their core functions to accessing a skillset that your business may be lacking. Outsourcing to a virtual assistant with strong experience in skills in areas such as website design or digital marketing will prove a game-changer to your organisation, enabling it to operate more efficiently and productively which will deliver noticeable contributions to the bottom-line of your business.

  • Cost Advantages

One of the most well-known benefits associated with outsourcing, the cost advantages delivered by outsourcing to VAs can make a significant and vital difference to the ability of business organisations to operate profitably and provide cost-effective products and services to their customer base. Hiring a virtual assistant from BPO at a fraction of the cost of hiring a local administrative professional can do wonders for your business bottom-line and enable essential investments in infrastructure and other important areas.

An indispensable asset that will make any Australian business wonder how they ever got by without their assistance, BPO’s Philippines-based virtual assistants will revolutionise the way you do business and change the playing field, giving you a distinct competitive advantage. Whether you’re a home-based sole trader, a new start-up or a recognised service provider with a strong customer base, you can rest assured that BPO Virtual Assistant, with our many years’ outsourcing experience, will make it easy for you to access the skilled staff you need to achieve your business goals and objectives.