Hire a Bookkeeping Virtual Assistant

Bookkeeping is an essential function for all businesses in all sectors. Whether you’re a start-up or an established business, an experienced bookkeeping professional is a vital asset that every business organisation requires to proficiently perform a range of important financial functions. These important business functions may include monitoring cash flow, processing payroll and recording financial transactions, basic functions that are essential to operating a profitable business organisation.

Small to medium sized-businesses (SMEs) across all industries require the services of a bookkeeping professional, with the day-to-day tasks these professionals perform varying according to the specific needs and the size of the business organisation. In small businesses, bookkeepers generally provide a broader range of bookkeeping services than in larger organisations where responsibilities are often split between two or more bookkeeping staff. They usually report to the general manager or finance manager, but may liaise with staff from various departments across the organisation when required. The day-to-day tasks for a bookkeeper in a small to medium-sized business include the following:

  • Using bookkeeping software, spreadsheets and databases to record financial transactions
  • Producing financial documents, such as income statements and balance sheets
  • Checking and reporting financial figures and statements for accuracy
  • Preparing and issuing invoices and receipts for clients/debtors
  • Calculating variances from the budget
  • Arranging payment of accounts
  • Processing employee payroll

To competently perform these essential financial functions and many more, bookkeepers must have at least a bachelor’s degree in accounting or business administration and be proficient in Microsoft Excel and popular bookkeeping software such as MYOB and QuickBooks. Bookkeepers require strong communication skills (written and verbal) as they’re required to discuss financial transactions, cash flow and budgets regularly with management and other staff members. Additionally, they must be well-organised, pay close attention to detail and possess strong analytical and problem solving skills.

Virtual Bookkeepers

Outsourcing offers many advantages for businesses, from increased business efficiency by accessing the right human resources to reducing the need for investments in infrastructure and technology. Outsourcing bookkeeping functions and processes to experienced bookkeeping professionals is an excellent way to increase your business’s competitiveness in key areas. BPO Virtual Assistant can provide you with skilled, university-educated bookkeeping professionals who’ll quickly become an asset to your company. Our bookkeepers are experienced in working with Australian businesses and have a solid knowledge of Australian business practices and the relevant legislative requirements.

The Advantages of Hiring a Bookkeeping Professional

Australian business organisations of all sizes and in all industries will find it advantageous to use the services provided by an experienced bookkeeper from BPO Virtual Assistant. The many advantages to hiring a skilled bookkeeping professional based in the Philippines include the following:

  • Accessing Skilled Resources

BPO’s bookkeeping professionals are university-educated, experienced and enthusiastic. By hiring one of our bookkeepers to manage your business’s day-to-day financial tasks, you’re able to access highly skilled human resources at a fraction of the cost of accessing a local bookkeeper’s services. As our Philippines-based bookkeepers are experienced in working with Australian businesses, they’re able to hit the ground running and represent an excellent asset to your business organisation.

  • Monitor Business KPIs

Bookkeepers keep track of the financial health of businesses by monitoring key business KPIs, which for most businesses involves creating the following three business reports – cash flow statements, income statements and cash disbursement statements. These are sets of quantifiable measures that businesses use to gauge business performance and meet operational and strategic goals in all areas of business operations. This empowers your business to track its progress and measure its success.

  • Time Zone Advantages

Outsourcing bookkeeping functions to a professional bookkeeper based in the Philippines offers time zone advantages that many Australian businesses have been quick to capitalise upon. By allocating bookkeeping tasks to a virtual bookkeeper, you can effectively extend your organisation’s working day, increasing organisational productivity and getting more work done for less financial outlay. Capitalising on time zone advantages can help SMEs gain a competitive edge over their local competitors.

  • Focus on Core Areas

With management or key staff members often doubling as a bookkeeper by performing general bookkeeping tasks, hiring a virtual bookkeeper from BPO empowers Australian SMEs to better focus on their core areas. Whether it’s developing innovative new products or providing better customer service standards, your business will operate more effectively and achieve bigger and better things by outsourcing your day-to-day bookkeeping functions and processes to a BPO Virtual Assistant bookkeeper.

  • Improve Cash Flow

The importance of managing business cash flow is something that everyone will agree is essential to operating a successful business and bookkeepers play a vital role in cash flow management. A virtual bookkeeper can help your business enjoy better cash flow through timely client invoicing, preparing cash flow forecasts and recording financial transactions accurately using Excel, MYOB or QuickBooks.

BPO Virtual Assistant’s Philippines-based virtual bookkeepers are an invaluable asset for Australian businesses of all sizes, from home-based professionals to SMEs in a broad range of industries. As an Australian managed company with many years’ experience outsourcing to the Philippines, we make it easy to access the highly skilled human resources your business needs to gain a competitive edge.