Hire a Virtual IT Support Officer

Today’s computer network, software packages and IT structures are more complex than ever before. Australian organisations of all sizes rely on these high-tech systems to keep their operations in motion, and ensuring this requires chartering the services of a qualified expert. Needless to say, hiring one or more full-time staff members in Australia to tend to your IT needs can be expensive.

With a virtual IT Support Officer from BPO Virtual Assistant, you can enjoy all of the advantages of having an IT expert in your employ without the expenses associated with hiring in-house staff. Our virtual assistants are highly skilled and capable of managing a wide range of IT configurations. They’re also experts in the latest software suites and hardware packages, which means you can enjoy all the benefits of an in-house specialist without having to bring a local staff member on board.

These are some of the tasks that an IT Support Officer from BPO Virtual Assistant can perform for your organisation:

  • Studying your specific IT infrastructure by reading technical manuals and other information sources to ensure they can adequately respond to your needs
  • Monitoring computer systems throughout the day to provide repairs, updates and other forms of remote support when needed
  • Connecting their clients to technicians who can provide on-site repairs when major problems occur
  • Providing advice to their clients about the type of software and equipment they could use to streamline their IT processes
  • Assisting with problems using software packages or specific types of computers and IT configurations
  • Providing resolution of technical problems such as device activations and Internet service interruptions
  • Helping users in your office become more comfortable with the hardware and software that they use on the job
  • Providing security fixes and patches to keep your organisation’s IT infrastructure safe and free of viruses and malware

No two organisations require precisely the same suite of services from their IT Support Officer. Above all, a virtual assistant of this type will focus on solving technical problems with computers in your office, whilst helping users feel more comfortable with the software and equipment they work with on a daily basis.

In order to provide these services for our Australian clients, we only hire IT professionals who are experts in IT infrastructure and the types of technology that our clients make use of on a daily basis. Our technicians are also fluent in English and well-versed in the way that Australian companies operate.

These are prerequisites for working with BPO Virtual Assistant. Beyond this, we also provide our IT technicians with ongoing, targeted training to ensure that they stay current on the IT systems that your organisation employs. We carefully vet every virtual assistant that works with us in order to ensure that we can provide you with a professional who is fully capable of keeping your IT operations up and running around the clock.

Hiring a Virtual IT Support Officer

Outsourcing to IT Support Officers in the Philippines is an excellent way to maintain a competitive advantage over other key players in your industry. It’s worth noting that computer systems across the world operate according to the same principals. With that in mind, a qualified technician in the Philippines is capable of providing the same level and quality of support as one based in Australia. This is good news for clients of BPO Virtual Assistant, as our network engineers offer the same calibre of service as you would receive at home for pennies on the dollar. Let us know if you would like to bring one of our professionals on board.

Why Hire a Virtual IT Support Officer?

Whether you represent a young start-up, an established small to medium-sized enterprise (SME) or a full-fledged multinational organisation, there’s much to be said for taking advantage of remote helpdesk services from BPO Virtual Assistant. Here are a few of the primary advantages that our virtual assistants provide:

Access to Skilled Labour
When it comes to IT support, it’s essential that your technician has the skills and experience needed to provide swift and effective assistance. We carefully vet each and every engineer on our team. Up-to-date skills and competencies are non-negotiable. Anyone we bring on board will be well-versed in the latest software packages, computer systems and IT configurations. They are experts in their fields, and they receive constant training to ensure that they maintain this level of competency. Computer and IT systems are constantly evolving, and we only work with helpdesk assistance who are committed to staying up to date.

Cost Advantages
One of the most compelling reasons to charter the services of BPO Virtual Assistant is the savings you can enjoy over Australian-based support services. To put it plainly, labour is more affordable in the Philippines than it is in Australia. But those savings you enjoy will never come at the expense of expertise – that’s our bottom-line guarantee. The money you save in helpdesk support can be channeled into other aspects of your operations – and that can make all the difference in today’s competitive market. You can reallocate the money you to purchasing better IT infrastructure and more sophisticated software.

Increased Efficiency
If you don’t already have a dedicated technician looking after your computer systems and IT infrastructure, then this task is probably falling to semi-qualified staff members who have other responsibilities to attend to. Every inefficient minute they spend helping to resolve computer-related problems would probably be better spent on something else. Outsourcing to a virtual assistant allows you to free up your staff to attend to their primary duties. You’ll also enjoy more streamlined services – with problems being resolved more quickly and effectively. This can be a game changer for SMEs with limited HR resources and tight budgets.

Once you’ve hired a virtual assistant for your organisation, you’ll probably find yourself wondering how you ever got by without one. Our Philippines-based IT Support Officers will revolutionise the way your business operates. Whether you represent a one-person operation at home or a fast-growing enterprise with an enthusiastic base of customers, you’ll appreciate the value provided by a support technician from BPO Virtual Assistant. Contact us today and prepare to reach new levels of efficiency in Australia’s competitive business climate.