Draftsman Virtual Assistant

Draftsman, also known as drafters and CAD operators, create a wide range of technical drawings and models based on project specifications and precise calculations. Working closely with other industry experts who provide the details for the project, predominantly architects and engineers but also scientists and other professionals, draftsman incorporate the given specifications into highly detailed plans and drawings which are used to produce, maintain or repair the structure or product.

While traditional drafting methods using pencils and set squares are still used, modern draftsmen predominantly used CADD (Computer-Aided Design and Drafting) systems to create their plans and drawings. This technology offers many advantages in modern business environments as it easily enables plans and projects to be created, saved, viewed and shared among project stakeholders, empowering businesses and project participants to work collaboratively from various locations.

This innovative technology enables drafters to convert architectural and engineering designs into technical plans and drawings for everything from computer microchips and automotive parts to large-scale civil works projects such as water systems and transportation infrastructure. Their contributions to a project may not only include creating detailed technical drawings and plans, as they may also be required to assess building capacity, determine structural strength or identify possible failure points in a product. The tasks a drafter may provide includes the following:

  • Using computer-aided design and drafting software to design and prepare plans and models
  • Specifying the required materials, dimensions and procedures required for projects
  • Using engineering and manufacturing techniques to produce product designs
  • Contributing to architectural plans by testing and adding structural details
  • Preparing multiple design versions of a product or structure for review
  • Using the rough sketches created by architects to create CADD models
  • Collaborating with architects, engineers and project managers

Professional draftsmen generally tend to specialise in a specific field or area of drafting, for example, civil drafting, electrical drafting or mechanical drafting and require at least a bachelor’s degree in drafting, CADD or a related discipline (backed up with hands-on training in computer-aided design) to provide professional drafting services to clients across a variety of industries. When you hire a virtual draftsman or CADD operator from BPO Virtual Assistant, you can rest assured that they’re fully qualified, proficient and dedicated to delivering the very best results for your business.

Virtual Draftsmen

With the costs involved in hiring a local drafter or CADD operator for a project, there’s little wonder why so many businesses turn to outsourcing as a solution. Outsourcing to a virtual draftsman based in the Philippines offers many advantages to Australian businesses, from reducing human resources expenses to the time zone advantages that can be capitalised upon to effectively extend the working day.

BPO Virtual Assistant has a growing team of talented Philippines-based draftsmen and CADD operators with experience in working closely with Australian businesses and professionals. University-educated, passionate about what they do and fluent in English, our expert draftsmen will quickly become an indispensable asset on the projects your business delivers to its clients.

The Benefits of Hiring a Virtual Draftsman

Whether you’re an established business or a fledgling start-up working on your very first project, hiring a virtual draftsman from BPO Virtual Assistant delivers many excellent benefits for your business and its clients. The advantages to hiring an experienced, English-speaking CADD operator based in the Philippines includes the following:

  • Save On Infrastructure and Technology

High-quality CADD software can be expensive and as advances in technology occur quickly, CADD software programmes tend to be rendered obsolete regularly which further adds to the investment that businesses need to make if they’re to keep their CADD and drafting processes in-house. By outsourcing to a skilled draftsman in the Philippines, businesses find they can save on technology costs and reduce operational overheads without sacrificing the quality of their plans and models.

  • Highly Skilled Human Resources

Our Philippines-based draftsmen have a minimum of a bachelor’s degree in drafting or a related discipline backed up hands-on computer-aided design and drafting training. Enthusiastic and English-fluent, they’re highly skilled human resources who’ll make invaluable contributions to your business organisation and the projects that you deliver for clients. And as they’re experienced in working with clients in Australia, they’re familiar with local project processes and can hit the ground running.

  • Deliver More Cost-Effective Services

Due to the cost of working with local CADD operators and draftsmen, many Australian businesses struggle to deliver cost-effective architectural, engineering and product design services to clients. By hiring a BPO drafter, your business can access the skills needed to complete projects for clients professionally, on-time and without budget blowouts. Outsourcing drafting and CADD tasks to a Philippines-based professional empowers businesses to deliver cost-effective services and maximise profit margins, without compromising standards in any way.

An invaluable asset for any Australian business, from major engineering and design firms to sole traders such as home-based architects and engineers, BPO’s draftsmen and CADD operators can help your business achieve bigger and better things. Based in Perth, with many years’ experience outsourcing business processes to the Philippines, BPO Virtual Assistant makes it easy for you to hire the specialists your business needs to deliver cost-effective and professional services to your clients.