Hire a Virtual Data Entry Specialist

Data entry has been an essential business function as long as organisations have been keeping at least a portion of their records in digital format. It doesn’t matter how big or small your company is: if you deal in both paper and digital formats, then you require professional data entry services.

A data entry specialist’s core responsibility is to take hard copy files and transcribe them into digital format. The actual day-to-day tasks that a data entry specialist performs will vary depending on the types of business processes your organisation tends to, but virtually everyone in this line of work uses computers to input information. Other tools, such as photo composing perforators or scanners may also be used.

A competent data entry specialist will boast a meticulous attention to detail. They’ll be able to process a dizzyingly high volume of work on a daily basis, transforming it from paper to digital format without creating errors, disturbing order or skipping bits of information. Many of the most sought-after specialists work in government and healthcare sectors.

These are amongst the common tasks that a data entry specialist will perform:

  • Importing information from paper fields into a corresponding digital file in a parallel format (i.e. field A1 on the paper sheet corresponds to field A1 on a digital spreadsheet)
  • Scanning paper documents such as forms or receipts and using specialised software to interpret and organise the information on them
  • Importing large volumes of hard copy files into digital storage
  • Manually adding names and contact information to a leads database
  • Extracting information from questionnaires and surveys and entering it in a spreadsheet
  • Inputting accounting figures into digital formats for storage, backup or analysis
  • Extracting and recording information from websites or social media platforms
  • Scanning documents to compile, cull and record information

The specific skills and competencies needed to be a successful data entry specialist vary depending on the nature of the task. University education is usually not required. However, proficiency in spreadsheet and database management is essential. If they work with numbers, then ten-key proficiency is also a strong plus. Additionally, they must be meticulously well-organised, have a keen eye for detail and a high tolerance for repetitive, mundane tasks.

Virtual Data Entry Specialists

Data entry is a product of the digital age, so it comes as no surprise that this field lends itself well to telecommuting. Those who report to an office often work with hard copies of the information they’re dealing with, though they can also work from scanned copies. Many actually prefer this, as there are programmes that can at least partially read and import information from scanned files. Outsourcing data entry functions remote professionals is an excellent way to control costs whilst maintaining proficiency and overall competitiveness.

BPO Virtual Assistant can provide you with competent and experienced data entry specialists who can make fast, error-free work of high-volume data import tasks. The professionals we work with enjoy the systematic nature of data entry, and they have streamlined and perfected their tactics to ensure optimal efficiency. They’re also experienced at working with Australian organisations and have a strong grasp of the prevailing expectations and best practices.

The Advantages of Hiring a Data Entry Professional

In Australia, organisations of any size are likely to have intermittent need of data entry services. BPO virtual assistant makes specialists available on a recurring basis as well as for one-off tasks and projects. There are many advantages to hiring a proficient data entry specialist based in the Philippines. We’ll highlight a few below:

  • Keeping Costs Down
    Data entry tedious, time-consuming work, and costs can spiral out of control when you hire locally. The repetitive, process-based nature of the task means that anyone with advanced computer competency will excel at data entry without the need for specialist training, higher education or advanced qualifications. As such, this is an ideal task for outsourcing to a place where the cost of labour is significantly lower. Our Philippines-based data entry keyers are highly competent, hard-working and undeniably affordable.
  • Protecting Data Integrity
    Floods and electrical fires regularly destroy hard data – and once it’s gone, it can never be recovered. Furthermore, hard copies of files can be misplaced, stored incorrectly or lost in the shuffle of moving office. Data entry specialists make it possible to back-up information in multiple locations such as on local and cloud-based servers. They also make it easier to organise and search for information when it’s needed.
  • Freeing Up Your Staff
    Many organisations only require extensive data entry services on an infrequent basis. Tasking one of your own staff to take care of this poses several problems. The staff member will probably not be specifically trained as a data entry specialist, nor will they appreciate being nominated for such mundane work. Every hour they spend on this job costs the company money in terms of labour and time lost on other projects they could be tending to. Outsourcing to BPO Virtual Assistant means keeping your staff free to attend to the duties you hired and trained them to do in the first place.
  • Time Zone Advantages
    Outsourcing data entry to a virtual assistant in the Philippines offers specific time zone advantages for organisations in the Philippines. There is enough overlap between standard working hours between these two countries for your team to correspond and at least partially collaborate with the specialist you hire. At the same time, you are effectively lengthening your work day, which ultimately serves to boost your organisation’s effectiveness.

BPO Virtual Assistant’s data entry specialists are a shining example of how a Philippines-based virtual assistant can dramatically improve the efficiency of your organisation’s business processes. Whether you are a home-based professional or an HR representative tired of relying on temp services to provide with poorly trained and expensive part-timers, our data entry services can make your life easier. Gain a competitive edge over your competitors by letting us supply you with efficient virtual assistants with experience in your particular industry and sector.